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We keep you connected. Control your Air Conditioning unit and the air temperature from your Smartphone. We have mastered the Air Conditioning technology to become South Florida’s top approved AC service company.

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You don’t want to breathe in just any air; you want to breathe in nice, clean, filtered air. Air that is healthy for your body, which brings you back to your twenties so that you can dance in your home like nothing can stop you. That can happen when you call Air Condition Fast Solutions (305) 300-9845. A/C Fast Solutions knows how to keep your partner cool so they can keep you hot.

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Nothing is worse in Miami and Broward County than spending your whole day outside in the blazing sun and walking into a hot home or office. The humid weather makes the sweat slide down your temples. Marsha Ackermann in her book, “Cool Comfort: America’s Romance with Air-Conditioning,” recounts a radio interview in which set the role of Air-Conditioning. She imagined a world in which “the average person will live, pleasantly refreshed and having relaxed in an air-conditioned room. She saw people travel in an air-conditioned train, work in an air-conditioned office and sleep in air-conditioned rooms”.

What’s the point of this story? Doesn’t fit.

Walking into your house and feeling cooler than a cucumber is what our engineers doing for the last 9 years. (305) 300-9845.

There is a big movement that spread a very long time ago. The origins of this movement is unknown but it can be traced back to the Mayans in Mexico. This movement is formulated around one common item, the blanket. Most people can’t sleep without a blanket draped over their body, to protect them from the cold and maybe even the monsters. However, the feeling of nestling in a warm blanket while the room is a perfect level of cold is impossible if you don’t have quality air conditioning. According to scientific studies, the best temperatures to sleep in for optimal sleep is 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Call the Engineers (305) 300-9845 that know how to keep you both cool under the covers.


There is a peace of mind aspect to having the perfect air conditioner with the power to control the temperature from your smartphone. The ability to arrive and walk through your office, or the house and see everyone comfortable in their working environment is nothing but pleasure. To many, this is an unknown feeling, as they do not know of Air Conditioner Fast Solutions yet. Don’t let the rude Miami and Broward County weather bring you down, give A/C Fast Solutions a call (305) 300-9845 and we will flip your life upside down with the top of the line air conditioning!


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