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At A/C Fast Solutions, we specialize in everything air conditioning. We install, repair, and service air conditioning units.


If you feel the air is not cool or the air conditioner is on for too long you may have an issue with the air unit. Call the Cool Service hotline (305)749-0181. A dispatcher will make sure to send out an air conditioning technician immediately. The trained, licensed, and insured tech service professional will make sure to get cool, fresh, and healthy air flowing FAST.

(305) 300-9845

Caution: When the air unit is partially working, the quality of the air you breath may harm small kids. If you have headaches or short breath, ask our tech to check the air quality.

Central air condition systems include two components: A condensing unit, that is typically installed outside your house. And the evaporator/ A-coil that rests in the plenum of your heater or air handler. The condensing unit holds the contractor, the capacitor(s) and the condenser fan motor and the compressor. Checking and maintaining these parts will prevent a Freon leak and damage to the air conditioner compressor.

At Air Condition Fast Solutions, we developed an Air Condition Service department. Each one of the tech professionals is trained to maintain your Air Unit so it will blow cool clean air year round.

Air condition systems have coils, wires, and fins. With the blazing heat of Miami and Broward County, these coils and cables can get damaged or face mechanical issues. When this happens, you may need the Air Condition Fast Solutions service department to come.

While you’re A/C might still be working, it isn’t necessarily working efficiently. A broken or dirty filter might contaminate the air, the Freon pressure may be low, and the humidity may interrupt your breathing and sleeping. A call to our hotline (305)749-0181 will solve the problem. Get back to enjoying your cool home and breathing healthy air!


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