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Air Conditioner Service

Most of the year Floridians have the air conditioner on. The hot and humid Florida temperatures keep the central air unit running most of the day. Our energy-efficient units put out clean air at the temperature you want – in home, office store, or warehouse.

According to an Energy Star and Air Condition Fast Solution study, the average household spends 13% of its utility costs on cooling the house. Therefore, choosing the right unit and using a trained engineer to install it is important.

A small air conditioner will work hard and long hours, struggle to cool a room, and will stop working fast. The types of big AC units we install are smarter and last longer. Our air conditioner units know when to start and stop. They reduce your electric bill and put out clean, healthy air. You get complete control with a smartphone connection.


Good Air Quality – Helps avoid stuffy noses, allergies, and lung problems. Noise-Loud AC unites disrupt sleep. Our units are quiet so you can sleep easy.


An optimized air conditioner is one that’s installed correctly. There are many ways to install an air conditioner, but the only way to have it work properly. We’ve installed 1000’s of units in Miami and Broward county giving our technicians the experience to master the installation process.


We install smart air conditioners. Our air conditioner units know when to start and stop. How to reduce your electric bill. How to produce clean and healthy air. You have full control of your smartphone connection.


An air conditioner requires 20 BTUs (British Thermal Unit) for each square foot of living space. But high ceilings, windows, and doorways may create a need for extra air conditioner power. Measure your rooms and to get the total square feet of the house, or the area you want to cool.

  • Heavily shaded areas can reduce the air conditioner capacity needed by 10 percent.
  • If the room is sunny, increase the air conditioner capacity by 10 percent.
  • If you have more than two people occupying a room, like a family room, add 600 BTU for each person.
  • Kitchens typically require 4,000 BTUs.

Your Air Conditioner Options

Once you establish the AC unit’s BTU size look at the Air Conditioner features. Choose an AC unit that has the features you will enjoy. Be assured that A/C Fast Solutions will be there to assist you at every step if you have any questions.

Check Air Conditioner Filter Location

The filter must be cleaned, make sure you have easy access Note: Why is this section here? Seems random and out of place.

Service and Warranty

A/C Fast Solutions guarantees to deliver excellent units and service agreements that will keep your unit cooling the house for a long, long time.